• He graduated from Phoenix College with his A.A. in Fire Science and the University of San Francisco, where he got a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Behavior. Dan attended Harvard University’s Senior Executive Program in State and Local Government.
  • A Republican, Dan believes that “bureaucracy is the cancer of government.” He believes government must be sized down to fit its functions – and that those functions should be minimal and devoted to the health and safety of citizens.
  • Dan worked his way up the ranks of the Phoenix Fire Department, rising from Fire Fighter to the rank of Division Chief.
  • He served as a Fire Chief or Chief of Staff in various places, including Boise; Santa Barbara County, California; Vancouver, WA; San Francisco, CA; and Prescott.
  • Dan has volunteered at Prescott Frontier Days and the Yavapai Symphony Guild and on the United Way Board of Directors.
  • A lover of the classical guitar and all music, Dan refurbishes and donates musical instruments to schools and students.

People, not politics. Across more than 35 years in public service that simple credo has guided Dan Fraijo.

As a Fire Chief and as a Chief of Staff, Dan has led government organizations from Prescott to San Francisco, Vancouver, Washington to Boise, Idaho.

An experienced executive, Dan has met challenges and crises with a consistent, firm vision for the future and with a commitment to bringing diverse constituencies to the table to get results.

Whether it’s treating employees with respect or carefully stewarding taxpayer dollars, Dan Fraijo has what it takes to lift our families quality of life as the next Mayor of Prescott.