Why is Dan Fraijo running for Mayor?

Because he believes the City of Prescott has a unique opportunity to move forward in 2015 – toward a better economy and more jobs, a safer community, a more efficient government and toward a future that better balances growth and its demands on Prescott’s infrastructure and natural resources.




Improving City Services
dan-fraijo-prescott-mayorAn expert in guiding organizations, Dan Fraijo will bring a strategic approach to city government meant to treat taxpayer dollars like gold and minimize bureaucracy and inefficiency. By encouraging innovation and comprehensive planning, Dan will help Prescott save money and better deploy city resources. The goal? To create efficiencies that mean more effective service delivery, happier residents and the lowest possible tax burden.

Another point of emphasis: Dan believes that every government organization must treat every citizen with the utmost courteousness and respect. At the same time, he believes in cultivating a team environment that recognizes a job well done, a strong work ethic and values honest, open communication.

Public Safety
The infrastructure that our community and our first responders rely upon is aging – a fact that must be addressed. Prescott also needs a comprehensive plan to better manage keeping our community safe, a strategy that incorporate short-term and long-range goals and that implements better emergency planning to deal with potential catastrophes.

One of Dan’s first priorities as Mayor will be to improve relations between the City and its employees, including our police officers and fire fighters. We need more effective employee retention strategies, more comprehensive training and programs that recognize the best of our best.

A City that fails to keep its resident and employees safe is a City that fails, plain and simple.

Lifting the Economy
As one of Arizona’s prime tourist destinations, Prescott has a chance to create jobs and lift its economy. Dan believes a regional airport could be a huge boon to the economy, as will cooperation between the various towns and cities that depend upon one another to support families and businesses.

dan-fraijo-fireAs a Republican, Dan believes that government must get out of the way of business. We must do a better job facilitating plan reviews and the issuance of building permits – not create obstacles that endanger jobs and discourage entrepreneurs.

Thoughtful, Balanced Development
Growth for growth’s sake can damage a region and destroy its unique character. It can also overburden infrastructure and tax natural resources like water. While Prescott has room to grow, Dan believes all growth must be well-planned to alleviate stress on city services and quality of life.

On the subject of water, Dan believes that a water impact study is a must before additional growth can be contemplated. Again, the evolution of our City cannot come at the expense of its future – and the future for our children and our families.